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With a team of licensed and skilled electricians Danmar Electric Ltd is proud to serve your electrical needs. With over 25 years of experience, we offer both residential and commercial services. From general lighting and rewiring, to outlets and circuit breakers, we strive to provide long-lasting solutions. We aim to offer top quality service to our customers.

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Home Electrical Safety Tips


New Home Construction

Electrical installations in a new house must be inspected and authorized prior to connection to the Utility electricity distribution system. Residential inspections involve a number of visits at various stages, including:

  • Inspection of underground wiring if required.
  • Inspection of wiring to the meter, the main disconnect means (for example fuses or breakers) and inspection of grounding to service.
  • Inspection of all electrical wiring prior to installation of drywall.
  • Final inspection to ensure there is no open wiring.

Any change to the original wiring including repair and replacement of electrical devices. Electrical inspections are required for all electrical work (new installations and modifications). ESA will provide information on inspection requirements for the work being done.

Important Safety Tips Concerning Asbestos

  • If your home was built prior to 1981 ensure any contractors performing work are aware that building materials may contain asbestos.
  • Make sure that you hire a contractor that is qualified to work with the potential disturbance and/or removal of asbestos containing material.
  • Inspection of all electrical wiring prior to installation of drywall.


This is one of the largest investments that you can make, and you want to minimize any surprises

It is recommended that a record search be conducted with the Electrical Safety Authority to ensure that no outstanding work orders exist on the property that you are considering purchasing. Your lawyer can request a record search to check if ESA has any recorded outstanding defects on the property, or open notifications.

If you are not sure the wiring meets Ontario Electrical Safety Code requirements, you can request that the owner arrange for a general inspection as part of the terms and conditions of purchase. The general inspection will identify if there are any electrical defects that need to be corrected. The existing owner will be responsible for correcting any defects or can negotiate with the potential purchaser to assume responsibility.

In addition, it is recommended that you ask the previous owner for copies of Certificates of Inspection for any electrical installations/modifications that have been conducted since the original construction of the home.

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